XIV International Symposium on Industrial Electronics and Applications - INDEL 2022
9-11 November 2022, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Symposium is sponsored by IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Power Electronics Society and IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.

Instructions for Presenters



The presentation rooms will be equipped with a computer running Microsoft Windows and a video projector. Acceptable presentation formats are PPT and PDF. The presenting authors should arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of the session. This timeframe is sufficient for copying the presentations on the computer and meeting the session chair. The total time is limited to 15 minutes per paper. The presentation time for papers should be maximum 12 minutes which leaves 2-3 minutes for some questions and discussion.


The presenters have to prepare videos for the online sessions that will be streamed from our end using Zoom software. There will be 12 minutes time for presentations followed by up to 3 minutes discussion. Please prepare your presentations accordingly. Videos must be strictly limited to 12 minutes.

Guidelines for preparing the video presentations

The video presentation shall be in MP4 format (see below for more details). IEEE recommends using Zoom to record a compatible video from the content displayed on screen and voice recorded via the computer microphone. You can find the instructions for recording your presentation using Zoom on this link https://ieeetv.ieee.org/ieeetv-specials/recording-your-presentation-with-zoom

Requirements for the video presentation

All video presentations should respect the following technical requirements:

  • Duration: Maximum 12 minutes.
  • File size: Maximum 100MB.
  • Video file format: Must be MP4 format.
  • Dimensions: Minimum height should be 480 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Resolution: Maximum 720p HD.
  • File name: Please use the following naming convention: video-ID.mp4, where ID is the 4-digit paper ID that corresponds to the ID with leading zeros that was assigned to your paper by EasyChair after submission. E.g., when your paper ID is 1234, your video is named video-1234.mp4.

When you complete recording, please carefully review the video presentation to check for any technical problems and make sure to upload only the videos that play smoothly. Moreover, please ensure that the video contains all relevant information (i.e., the paper title, the authors, a mention to INDEL 2022).

Recording tips

  • Use as quiet room as possible.
  • Avoid areas with echo (large rooms without sound dampening materials such as carpets, curtains, furniture, etc.).
  • If possible, use high-quality headset with noise cancelling microphone.
  • You should put your microphone fairly close to your mouth, but away from direct line to reduce "pops".
  • Consider talking in standing (rather than sitting) position to make your voice sound better.
  • First run a test recording for couple of minutes and review the sound and video quality.

Video submission form

Upload your video presentation here.


The form requires you to be signed in with your Google account to ensure valid submissions and no spam video uploads. We thank you for understanding. We use Google forms for video upload. Google does not store or use information, only we will. If you are having problems with uploading the video presentations, please contact us via indel@etf.unibl.org. The deadline for video upload is 2 November, 2022. Please note this is the firm deadline and that there will be no further extensions.

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