Special Sessions and Round Table


Special Session: “Electric Vehicles”

This special session represents an opportunity for work presentation and discussion on a very actual topic – increased development and deployment of electric vehicles. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Construction concepts,

- Electric motors and drives,

- Energy storage systems,

- Charging systems,

- Modeling, simulation and testing,

- Grid integration issues,

- Regulatory framework,

- Economy and environmental aspects.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions for this special session.

Round Table: “Is the Sun able to cool?”

A round table organized in cooperation with the Economics Institute Banja Luka about solar energy potentials for cooling. The solar cooling systems can offer sustainable solutions as they are based on a “smart & green” technology able to comply with the growing demand of air conditioning through the use of a renewable energy naturally and largely available: the solar energy. Moreover, the solar cooling technologies provide a proven advantage: the period of maximum solar energy use for air conditioning of buildings and premises corresponds to the period in which there is the maximum solar energy availability. Along with the unavoidable technological aspects, the discussion will also cover the socio-economic aspects including the investment costs and profitability.