INDEL 2014 Symposium Proceedings


Plug-in Electric Vehicles – State of Technology and Market Perspectives

Author: Vladimir A. Katić

Toward Intelligent Driver-Assist Technologies and Piloted Driving: Overview, Motivation and Challenges

Authors: Miloš Pilipović, Danijel Spasojević, Ivan Velikić and Nikola Teslić

Optical Chemical Sensors for Industrial Applications

Author: Zoran Jakšić

Parametric SPICE Model for Static Induction Transistor (SIT) in Triode Mode of Operation

Author: Goce L. Arsov

On the Measurement Methods for Dielectric Constant Determination in Nb/BaTiO3 Ceramics

Authors: Miloš Marjanović, Vesna Paunović, Zoran Prijić, Aneta Prijić, Danijel Danković and Vojislav Mitić

Frequency Dependant Current Distribution and Resistance Coefficient of Aluminium Conductors

Authors: Karolina Kasaš-Lažetić, Dejana Herceg, Dragan Kljajić and Miroslav Prša

Eddy Currents Inside Pipeline Buried Beneath HV Overhead Power Transmission System

Authors: Dejana Herceg, Karolina Kasaš-Lažetić, Dragan Kljajić, Nikola Mučalica and Miroslav Prša

The Use of Microcontrollers in Modern Solutions of Power Electronics

Authors: Miroslav Lazić, Dragana Petrović, Skender Miodrag and Sandra Sovilj Nikić

PMSG Synchronization Control Algorithm Based on the Active Damping Principle

Authors: Marko Vekić, Stevan Grabić, Evgenije Adžić, Zoran Ivanović and Vlado Porobić

Conduction Modes of a Peak Limiting Current Mode Controlled Buck Converter

Authors: Predrag Pejović and Marija Glišić

Modeling and Analysis of New Adaptive Dual Current Mode Control

Authors: Srđan Lale, Milomir Šoja, Slobodan Lubura and Milan Radmanović

Python Application for Analyzing Analog Filters’ Transfer Functione

Authors: Miljana Milić and Vančo Litovski

Faults Simulations in XOR/XNOR Cell Resistant to Side Channel Attacks

Authors: Milena Stanojlović Mirković, Vančo Litovski, Predrag Petković and Dragiša Milovanović

Bandgap Voltage Reference in 130nm: Design and Schematic Level Simulation

Authors: Aleksandar Pajkanović and Veljko Malbaša

Operational Transconductance Amplifier in 350nm CMOS Technology

Authors: Dejan Mirković, Predrag Petković, Ilija Dimitrijević and Igor Mirčić

The Design of MCU's Communication Interface

Authors: Borisav Jovanović, Dejan Mirković and Milunka Damnjanović

Experimental Identification of the Mechanical Parameters of an Induction Motor Drive

Authors: Dejan D. Reljić and Dejan G. Jerkan

Design of Tesla’s Two-Phase Inductor

Authors: Đorđe M. Lekić and Petar R. Matić

Particle Swarm Optimization Based Energy Efficiency Method for High Speed IPMSM Drives

Authors: Marko A. Gecić, Mirna N. Kapetina, Vladimir M. Popović and Darko P. Marčetić

Evaluation of Luenberger Observer Based Sensorless Method for IM

Authors: Vladimir M. Popovic, Marko A. Gecic, Veran V. Vasic, Djura V. Oros and Darko P. Marcetic

IPMSM Inductances Calculation Using FEA

Authors: Dejan G. Jerkan, Marko A. Gecić and Darko P. Marčetić

A Suplementary Tool to the Standard Teaching Metod of Induction Motor Drive Control

Authors: Vlado Porobić, Evgenije Adžić, Zoran Ivanović, Marko Vekić and Stevan Grabić

Design of Monitoring and Data Acquisition System for Environmental Sensors

Author: Mitar Simić

Software Supported Procedure applied to Testing of Instruments for High-order Harmonics Measurement

Authors: Milan Simić, Dragan Živanović, Dragan Denić and Goran Miljković

Hardware Realisation of Data Logger System for Inland Excess Water

Authors: Đorđe Obradović, Miodrag Brkić, Viktor Dogan, Miloš Živanov and Barta Karoly

Application of Digital Stochastic Measurement of Definite Integral Product of Two or More Signals Using Two-Bit A/D Converter

Authors: B. Ličina, D. Pejić, P. Sovilj and V. Vujičić

Script Recognition by Statistical Analysis of the Image Texture

Author: Darko Brodić

Design of Two-Channel Analysis Part of Hybrid Filter Bank

Authors: Nikola Stojanović, Dragiša Milovanović and Negovan Stamenković

Constrained Lexicon Speaker Dependent Recognition of Whispered Speech

Authors: Jovan Galić, Slobodan T. Jovičić, Đorđe Grozdić and Branko Marković

Simple Arcade Game from Hardware Side using MicroBlaze

Authors: Milan Tucić, Dragan Topalović, Miloš Nikolić and Ivan Kaštelan

System for Automatic Testing of Android Based Digital TV Receivers

Authors: Marko Kovačević, Branimir Kovačević, Dejan Stefanović and Vukota Peković

Design and Tuning of PID Override Control System Based on Signal Filtering

Authors: Aleksandar I. Ribić and Miroslav R. Mataušek

Rational Approximations to Design Controllers for Unstable Processes, Including Dead-Time

Authors: Marko Bošković, Tomislav B. Šekara, Milan R. Rapaić and Boris Jakovljević

Adaptive Torque Control for Sensorless Induction Motor Drives in Wide-Speed Range

Authors: Aleksandar Ž. Rakić and Petar R. Matić

Sophisticated Research and Development Station for Control of Grid Connected Distributed Energy Sources

Authors: Bane Popadić, Boris Dumnić, Dragan Milićević, Vladimir Katić and Čorba Zoltan

Low Voltage Ride-Through Capability of Distributed Generator Connected to the Grid Through the Back-to-Back Converter

Authors: Zoran Ivanović, Evgenije Adžić, Stevan Grabić, Vlado Porobić and Vladimir Katić

Effects of Individual Battery Charger Station on Power Quality

Authors: Vladimir A. Katić, Milan Pecelj and Ivan M. Todorović

Multiple Battery Charger Stations Impact on Power Quality

Authors: Vladimir A. Katić, Ivan M. Todorović, Milan Pecelj, Zoltan Čorba, Boris Dumnić and Dragan Milićević

Reference Analysis of the Analogous Models for Photovoltaic Cells by Comparison with the Real Photovoltaic Modules

Authors: Duško Lukač, Miona Andrejević Stošović, Dragiša Milovanović and Vančo Litovski

Improved Model for Estimating PV System Production

Authors: Marko Ikić, Jovan Mikulović and Željko Đurišić

The Personalization of a Cloud Ecosystem: Adding Dimensions to Situational Awareness

Authors: Gordana Velikić, Milan Bjelica, Nemanja Ignjatov, Mica Ćetković and Ivan Kaštelan

TLM Modeling of Emissions from Printed Circuit Board of Power Amplifier Matching Circuits

Authors: Jugoslav Joković, Tijana Dimitrijević, Aleksandar Atanasković, Nataša Maleš-Ilić and Bratislav Milovanović

Level Crossing Rate of Macrodiversity System Operating over Gamma Shadowed Rician Fading Channel

Authors: Stefan Panić, Đoko Banđur, Branimir Jakšić, Ivana Dinić, Srboljub Zdravković and Dejan Jakšić

Implementation of TR-069 Connection Request Mechanism

Authors: Ivana Savić, Milan S. Savić and Gordana Velikić

Comparison of Models for Self-Similar Network Traffic Generation

Authors: Igor Tomić and Nebojša Maletić

Overview of the HbbTV Compliant Browser Upgrade on Android Based DTV Platform

Authors: Milena Milošević, Krsto Lazić, Branimir Kovačević, Nenad Jovanović and Marko Kovacević

Successive Absorption and Refraction in Ultrathin Molecular Nano-Films

Authors: Jovan P. Šetrajčić, Siniša M. Vučenović, Blanka Škipina and Svetlana Pelemiš

Low-Cost Multi-Phase DC/DC Buck Converter Test Circuit with Simple Control for Testing Multi-Phase Inductors

Authors: Nikola Lečić, Akhil Chandran Mukkattu Kuniyil, Goran Stojanović and Aleksandar Pajkanović

Smart Meter Privacy by Suppression of Low Power Frequency Components

Authors: Srđan Đorđević, Slobodan Bojanić and Marko Dimitrijević

Computer-Assisted Performance Assessment of Outdoor Substation Grounding Systems

Authors: Boško Mijatović and Čedomir Zeljković

Cost Effectiveness of a Control Strategy for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Authors: Predrag Mršić, Čedomir Zeljković and Nikola Rajaković

Ultracapacitors as Auxiliary Energy Source in Electric Vehicles

Authors: Ivan M. Todorović, Petar Gartner, Vladimir Katić and Stevan Grabić

Reducing the Active Power Losses in Transmission Network by Using Phase Shifting Transformer

Authors: Bojan Erceg, Petar Matić and Čedomir Zeljković

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INDEL 2012 Symposium Proceedings


The 40-th Anniversary of the Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis - SPICE

Author: Goce L. Arsov

Simulation of Power Electronic Converters Using Quasi Steady State Approximation

Author: Predrag Pejovic

Multi-Input/Multi-Output Converter Model in Matlab/Simulink

Authors: Miran Rodic, Miro Milanovic, Mitja Truntic

Implementation of the Incremental Conductance MPPT Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems

Authors: Srdjan Srdic, Zoran Radakovic, Vladimir Vojinovic

Indirect application of a method for discretization of linear fractional order systems

Authors: Tomislav B. Sekara, Milan R. Rapaic, Mihailo P. Lazarevic

Implementation of Negative Impedance Linearisation With CMOS Differential Amplifier

Authors: M Tanseer Ali, Ruiheng Wu, Predrag Rapajic and Peter Callaghan

Design and Simulation of Multiplexer Cell Resistant to Side Channel Attacks

Authors: Milena Stanojlovic, Predrag Petkovic

Analog front end for multichannel ΔΣ ADC

Authors: Dejan D. Mirkovic, Predrag M. Petkovic

Design of Parallel Analog to Digital Converters for Ternary CMOS Digital Systems

Authors: Zlatko Bundalo, Dusanka Bundalo, Ferid Softic, Miroslav Kostadinovic

Subthreshold Operated CMOS Analytic Model

Authors: Branko Dokic, Aleksandar Pajkanovic

Future Energy Conversion Systems

Author: Slobodan N. Vukosavic

Performance Evaluation of HF Test Signal Based Sensorless Method for IPMSM in the Presence of Cross-coupling Inductance

Authors: Marko. A. Gecic, Djura V. Oros, Darko P. Marcetic, Mile B. Bozic, Roberto M. Varga

Robustness Analysis of Stator Voltage Vector Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor

Authors: Aleksandar Z. Rakic, Slobodan N. Vukosavic, Petar R. Matic

Efficiency classes of three-phase, cage-induction motors (IE-code) software

Authors: Milos Bozic, Marko Rosic, Branko Koprivica, Miroslav Bjekic, Sanja Antic

Application of Sensorless Flux Region Modification of DTC Controlled IM for Torque Ripple Reduction

Authors: Yavuz Üser, Kayhan Gülez, Sükrü Özen

Autoregressive Modeling Based Bearing Fault Detection in Induction Motors

Author: Emine Ayaz

A Comparison of Energy Efficiency of SCR Phase Control and Switch Mode Regulated Vibratory Conveying Drives

Authors: Zeljko V. Despotovic, Aleksandar I. Ribic, Mladen V. Terzic

Impact of Software and IT on Metrology

Author: Tanasko Tasic

Influence of signal stationarity on digital stochastic measurement implementation

Authors: Platon Sovilj, Vladimir Vujicic, Nebojsa Pjevalica, Dragan Pejic, Marjan Urekar, Ivan Zupunski

Hardware realization of measurement and monitoring system for level of groundwater

Authors: Miodrag Brkic, Đordje Obradovic, Viktor Dogan, Milos Zivanov

Pseudorandom Position Encoder With Direct Zero Position Adjustment

Authors: Goran Miljkovic, Dragan Denic, Jelena Lukic, Milan Dincic

Automated Measurement Platform for R/C Servo Motors

Authors: Kalman Babkovic, Damir Krkljes, László Nagy, Milos Zivanov

Real-Time Virtual Instrument for Polyphase Nonlinear Loads Analysis

Authors: Marko A. Dimitrijvic, Vanco B. Litovski

New Construction of Conductive Fluids Velocity Measurement in Point - Using Measurement Over Interval Method

Authors: Zeljko Beljic, Zdravko Ristic, Dragan Pejic, Vladimir Vujicic, Dusan Prodanovic

Impedance Determination in Frequency Domain for Energy Cables by FEM and TLM

Authors: Q.Nguyen-Duc, Y. Le Menach, S. Clenet, D.Vizireanu, V. Costan

Impact of the Higher-Order Noise Filtering on the Performance of the PID Controller and Dead-Time Compensating DTC-PID Controller

Authors: Aleksandar I. Ribic, Miroslav R. Matausek

Modeling and Simulation of an Energy Harvesting System

Authors: Vidya Balasubramanyam, Kartic Raman, Suresh Bala, Volker Zerbe

Comparative Analysis of the DRNGD and the NNGD Algorithms in Complex Domain

Authors: Igor R. Krcmar, Milorad M. Bozic, and Petar S. Maric

Application of Neural Adaptive Filters for Analysis and Modeling of Complex Valued Electricity Load Time Series

Authors: Slavisa Krunic, Igor R. Krcmar, Petar S. Maric, Milorad M. Bozic

Surgical table automation with integrated collision avoidance with floor or fixed table parts

Authors: Uros Smiljanic, Miroslav Bozic, Milos Milosevic, Goran S. Djordjevic

Application of sustainable energy sources in telecommunication facilities-experiences from exploitation of m:tel Republika Srpska

Authors: Miroslav Lazic, Bojana Jovanovic, Natasa Stanic, Boris Acimovic

Analyzing and Modeling the Power Optimizer for Boosting Efficiency of PV Panel

Authors: Miodrag Forcan, Jovana Tusevljak, Slobodan Lubura, Milomir Soja

One Approach to Optimization of Standalone Hybrid Power Systems for Customer Located in Novi Sad

Authors: Marko A. Gecic, Vladimir A. Katic, Darko P. Marcetic

Correction of Ear Amplitude Characteristic Damages Caused by Natural Aging

Authors: Ferid Softic, Zeljko Blagojevic, Zlatko Bundalo, Aleksandar Stjepanovic

Security Aspects of Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Authors: Slobodan Bojanic and Octavio Nieto-Taladriz Garcia, Srdjan Djordjevic

An Example of the 4-Tier Security Architecture on Transmission Electronic Documents

Author: Sinisa Vujcic

Mobile-Based TDoA Estimation in UMTS Using Multichannel Serial Correlator

Authors: Mladen Veletic, Nebojsa Maletic, Slavko Sajic, Milan Sunjevaric

Impact of Sectorization on the Minimum Cell Size for Information Capacity Increase in Cellular Wireless Network

Authors: K. A. Anang, P. B. Rapajic, and R. Wu

TLM based Analyses of EM Field Coupling to Wire Probes Inside Metallic Cavity

Authors: Jugoslav Jokovic, Bratislav Milovanovic and Tijana Dimitrijevic

FH-SS DDS-PLL based Frequency Synthesizer

Authors: N. Maletic, J. Galic, S. Sajic, M. Veletic

Agency for Energy Efficiency-International Experiences

Author: Nikola Bogdanovic

Development of the algorithm for speed control of belt conveyor system on open pit mines

Authors: Leposava Ristic, Milan Bebic, Dragan Jevtic, Ilija Mihailovic, Nesa Rasic, Borislav Jeftenic, Sasa Statkic

Measurement of Utility Losses Caused by Nonlinear Loads at Power Grid

Authors: Dejan Stevanovic, Predrag Petkovic

One energy-efficient solution in lighting and the basis for its implementation

Authors: Bojana Jovanovic, Dragana Petrovic, Miroslav Lazic, Natasa Stanic

Quantification of Power Quality Issues at the PV Panel-Converter Interface

Authors: M. Andrejevic Stosovic, M. Dimitrijevic, V. Litovski, D. Lukac

One Day Ahead Peak Electricity Load Prediction

Authors: Jelena Milojkovic and Vanco Litovski

The impact of Serbian national energy efficiency action plan (NEEAP) on EU2020 goals

Authors: Nikola Rajakovic, Ilija Batas Bjelic

Challenges and Opportunities for Customer-Driven Distributed Generation in the Republic of Srpska

Authors: Cedomir Zeljkovic, Sinisa Zubic, Petar Matic, Nikola Rajakovic

Improving Energy Efficiency in Mining Plant Using a Synchronous Motor

Authors: Radenko Marjanovic, Petar Matic

GPRS-Based Electrical Energy Monitoring System

Authors: Mladen Knezic, Zeljko Ivanovic, and Branko Dokic

An Analysis of Standby Power Consumption in Republika Srpska

Authors: Zeljko Ivanovic, Mladen Knezic and Tatjana Pesic-Brdjanin

Actuators for Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor Used in Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles

Authors: Nikola Bednar, Goran Stojanovic, Jovan Matovic

Analysis of the Mechanical Inaccuracies in Capacitive Encoder with Flexible Electrodes

Authors: Damir Krkljes, Goran Stojanovic, Dragana Vasiljevic and Kalman Babkovic

Towards printed chaotic circuits: a topology based on memristors

Authors: A. Buscarino, S. Dautovic, L. Fortuna, M. Frasca, L. V. Gambuzza

A Contribution to the Modeling of Inductors Printed on Flexible Substrates

Author: Nikola Jerance

Influence of the Position of Electrodes on Capacitance of Interdigitated Capacitor Fabricated on Flexible Foil

Authors: Sanja Kojic, Srdjan Ajkalo, Milos Guzvica, Dragana Vasiljevic, Milan Radovanovic, Goran M. Stojanovic

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